Be My Valentine

Are you excited for Valentine’s day? Of course, each year on February 14, people celebrate this special day. Valentine’s day is dedicated to spending time with your loved one also known as your significant other. People surprise their lovers by buying them gifts, going on dates, or just spending quality time together. Even if you don’t have significant other, you could still give your time and spend your money on a family member, close friend, or someone you want to say, “You’re special to me.”

Every year, the traditions for Valentine’s day are to exchange gifts, give out chocolate and flowers, and to have a wonderful time with each other’s company. For kids between the ages 5 to 10, their teachers will have them bring cards, candy, and presents for the whole class. Teachers provide this activity to their students, so all students get to enjoy the day and to promote kindness and sharing with everyone.

Junior Brianna Cheavers about her thoughts on this holiday, and she told us, “Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love and happiness around you. It’s a way of thanking someone either friend, family, or true love for everything that they did for you and for staying by your side when no one else wouldn’t.”

Therefore, everyone should embrace the day and not hate Valentine’s Day just because you don’t have someone to be your Valentine. Enjoy it with your family and close friends. Show each other that you appreciate everything that you do for one another.