Cougars to Choose New Classes

New classes are in session, Cougars!
Buckle up, Cougars! New classes are to be in session, and they’re sure to be a blast! Thanks to Mr. Harrison, Weston Ranch High School’s selection of courses won’t be as limited as before. These classes will begin sometime around next year, so hang in tight for what’s in store.
Ranging from Criminal Justice to Women’s Studies, there will be a wide variety of new classes to choose from and sign up. Now—one might ask, “Why are we getting new classes?”
To that question, Mr. Harrison has the sole answer. “I believe these classes will be beneficial,” he beamed. “I believe these classes will be enjoyable for both the students and the teachers teaching them.” Needless to say, we believe these classes will help students evaluate what career path(s) they might want to pursue!
But wait—there’s more! According to Mr. Harrison, “We’re trying to add more AP classes and expand our selection of electives.”
As some would say, “variety is the spice of life,” and these new classes sure do bring variety to the table! There is an incredible amount of stuff to look forward to this year, so again—hang in tight!