A Classroom With Purpose


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You often see a group of students come in and out of classrooms, assisting in services around the school, and making daily deliveries such as newspapers, and items from the cougar café. These are the students in Ms. Willis’s SCD SH Mod/Severe class.

Room 303, “It’s a class based on a lot of learning life skills” says Ms. Willis. Ms. Willis and her aids Mrs. Yvonne, Mr. T, and Mr. Milan’s classes not only focus on the academic aspects of high school but also skills the students can use outside of high school in their daily lives.

“We try to go out at least once a week to local stores or places such as Costco,” Willis says. This activity is to learn money skills and more significant social skills that students in the class may struggle with.”
In addition to life skills, Ms. Willis told us that the students are a part of a bowling league.

Overall, the critical aspect of the class is to involve them in a more significant part of the community to help them to feel included. After visiting the class and speaking with Ms. Willis and her students, it is easy to see that there is genuine love and interest throughout the classroom and what Ms. Willis does for her students.

We hope to look at Ms. Willis’s students as they continue to thrive and take part in our campus and community