Students Set to Select Royalty

This week, Winter Fest royalty is set to hold elections today. Students voted online all week for their favorite prince and princesses. All week, students were sent emails encouraging them to vote. An email was sent to everyone’s Outlook which gave four links, all leading to the Freshmen and jJunior voting sections. There are the top three Freshman candidates for both boys and girls. For the Junior royalty, there is a list of the top five choices.

The WinterFest Freshman princess candidates are Lailah Remo, Cazady Padre, and Andrea Luna. The Freshman boys will be represented by Steven Bustamante, Dustin Tinsley, and Jesus Gonzales. The Winter Fest Junior royalty, we have Neilani Newsome, Joanna Cuellar, Hannah Alba, Ammie Oreiro, and Ashanti Boatman, as candidates for the princess, and for Junior Prince, we have Bryant Orozco, Edgar Molina, Isaiah Maxie, Jimmy Nguyen, and Lydell King.

The candidates with the most votes will be crowned Winter Fest princes and princesses and will take home an elaborate crown and a sash. Just as a reminder, there will be a Winter Fest Rally held today during the fourth period. We hope that you all will enjoy this week of festivities, and best of luck to all of the candidates.