McKillup Gets Tough on Trash


For the past several days, Mr. McKillip, Weston Ranch’s interim principal, has been addressing an issue on how we should keep our campus clean. After noticing a problem with the trash left behind after brunch and lunch, Mr. McKillup felt a need to address this with the campus community.

Bottom line, we need to pick up our trash.

Some ways our Weston Ranch students can contribute to keeping our campus clean is to clean up after ourselves, keeping in mind the social responsibility of ourselves, and keeping in mind that we are young adults. For the past several days, Mr. McKillip has been addressing the issue of trash and campus cleanup for our school at Weston Ranch High.

“Making the announcement has improved according to the school our campus monitors and staff,’’ said Mr. McKillup. McKillup also means there is a plan in the works to help curb the problem. The current plan is to move garbage cans around to make them accessible to students and adding more garbage around campus. His goal at WRHS is to keep the community clean and to have a good representation of our students, staff, and campus to all visitors.

So, what’s in it for us?  As a reward to the students for keeping the campus clean, he mentioned extending our lunch for an extra 10-15 minutes one day out of the week. In addition to having extra time at lunch, Mr. McKillip will also be considering having a DJ every Friday.

Easy fixes for great rewards.