WinterFest is Coming!

Julia Martinez and Carlos Drain

Prepare for WinterFest! Beginning February 4th, and concluding on February 8th, Weston Ranch High School will be hosting, what they hope to be, the event of the year.

Ms. Lewis will be the head honcho of the organized group of students and teachers working together to make this WinterFest the best we’ve ever had. What is the goal for this year’s event you ask? According to Ms. Lewis, “The goal is to get as many participants as possible.” Every year, WinterFest is usually driven by the student leadership team, but they do allow, and encourage, other campus clubs and volunteers to help plan and prep for the festivities. This year, Ms. Lewis is hoping to get as many students as possible to participate in the variety of events laid out throughout the week.

These events include the various “Dress up” days (Disney, favorite decades, favorite holiday, etc.), games and activities organized in the quad area during lunch, and the big WinterFest Rally held on the last day of the week. This year, the students planning the event have new and exciting games, which will be played every day during lunch and at the rally.  Leadership did give us a hint about one game they plan to offer which includes the use of six inflatable Sumo suits.  We do not know precisely what they have in store for us, but the clues were exciting.

WinterFest is fun for all of us, but it does not come without a price.  According to Ms. Lewis, the estimated cost for the event will be about 500 dollars, with 160 being used to purchase the crowns for the Winter Fest Royalty. The crowns and sashes usually sound like the costliest items required for the event; however, Ms. Lewis has stated that the rally supplies needed to decorate the gymnasium and the school are the things that require the most funds. Supplies and resources are an even split of student-crafted and store-bought decorations.

As we watched their preparations, we saw some of the posters, and they seem to be turning out quite well.  We’re sure our student body will be pleased with the final results.

When asked about how he feels the event will go, Senior Carlos Drain stated, “It’ll be alright.  It’s our last year, you know? You got to have fun with it.”

When asked how she feels the rally will turn out, Leadership member and Senior Julia Martinez said, “There’s always good energy throughout the gym. It’s fun to keep up with the crowd.”

There is much to look forward to in this year’s Winter Fest. There are so many surprises to be excited about, and the school hopes everyone will be in attendance.