Robotics Goes Underwater



Ever wonder how things work?  Ever wonder how those things may work underwater?  If your answers are, “yes,” then you might want to check out Mr. Borden’s Robotics class next term.  Today, the robotics team took to the pool for their final exam and wowed the crowd of teachers and counselors in attendance.

As the students raced their robots around an underwater gauntlet, it became evident the robotics team was accomplishing many things.  Each student built a robot consisting of PVC pipe, metal, gadgets, and whatever else they could find and then put their “creations” to the test in a highly original racecourse constructed by Mr. Borden.  As the students guided their submersibles around a series of hoops, moving up and down and around, the competition grew more and more exciting, making this final a shining example of what creativity, dedication, and determination adds to testing of knowledge.

“Most of these students were in my Robotics 1 class, so this project wasn’t too tough, but the students met the challenge.  Anytime it’s underwater, the difficulty increases,” a proud Mr. Borden explained.  “We built drones earlier this year, and now we built sunken vessels.  The creativity of these students is amazing.”  One could infer the Robotics Team is tackling the air and the sea.  After watching these amazing students, it was obvious to see they are not limited.  We can’t wait to see what they build next semester.  Congratulations to Mr. Borden and his class of engineers.  Well done!

Jacob Lagudas (right) drives his robot through the maze while Brian Arevalo (left) looks on.
A robot moves through the course.
Driver Andrew Valencia Rivera (right) gets last minute advice as Annel Mercado (left) makes last minute preparations.