Warmsley Wows with Wonderful Advice


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Last Friday, October the 5, Mr. Leland’s class welcomed Kimberly Warmsley as a guest speaker.  Ms. Warmsley, a highly-educated and polished speaker, is the Weston Ranch Community Association liaison.  A newly-licensed social worker and compassionate resident of Weston Ranch, Ms. Warmsley graciously volunteered her day and time to speak with Mr. Leland’s English classes about the importance of setting goals, the value education can bring, the changing landscape and what those changes mean to young people, and to be “woke.”  In her speech to the students, Ms. Warmsley could not stress enough about how our decisions today will affect us tomorrow.

“How many of you are ‘woke’,” questioned Ms. Warmsley.  According to Ms. Warmsley, being “woke” is not just rolling out of bed and starting your day.  “When you are ‘woke,’ you are informed.  When you are ‘woke,’ you are educating other as to what is going on in the world.”  Part of the “woke” message encouraged students to learn about politics and the people who make decisions for us here in Weston Ranch.  “Time is of the essence,” implored Ms. Warmsley, “and you need to take a peek at the world and find out how you fit and what you can do to improve your situation.

As she walked around the room, she asked students what their dreams were.  Some students want to go to medical school in hopes of finding a job in the health services field.  Some of the students want to be lawyers.  Some students want to be professional athletes.  “That’s fine,” she said, “but you need to have a plan and you need to advocate for yourself.”  As the students listened, one could tell there was a positive vibe and the message was being received and the students were “woke.”  As she regaled the students with her positive stories about life, one could tell the “woke” message was working.  “School is the most important foundation of your life,” she said.  “You need to have beliefs, you need to have a purpose, and you need to make every moment of your life worthwhile.”

“I liked the way she told us not to give up,” said Sophomore Chelsea Guerrero Ledesma.  “She gave us ideas we can start practicing right away.”

Sophomore Ruben Moreno said, “You gave us things to think about that I never thought of or put together.”

As a community organizer and activist, Ms. Warmsley certainly came through with plenty of ideas for the students to ponder and put into practice.  Weston Ranch is a wonderful community filled with great people.  It’s time Stockton, Manteca Unified, and the world hears about us and the roads we will soon take.